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Welcome to the Atkinson's of Botany, Howard Township, Kent County, Province of Ontario, Canada, descendants of William Atkinson of Buckden, the West Riding of Yorkshire, England.


Sarah & William

Botany, a small community in Kent County, Ontario, Canada (Upper Canada or Canada West as it was known once), became the home to many immigrants from the British Isles and one of them was William Atkinson. William and his wife Sarah came because of the promise of cheap land and a new life. A bleak future in the Dales of Yorkshire led them to look to Canada to start a new life. He became one of the original members of the Talbot Settlement in Kent County and held title to 100 acres, arriving in 1831 with his wife and three children. Originally granted these acres on Concession Two of Howard Township, he came to own 80 acres in the Block Concession. Our family farmed this land for four generations from 1831 to 2003 and many branches of our genealogical tree have settled throughout North America.
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Last Updated: 02/03/2020

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