The Beginning  

Hubberholme Church on the River Wharfe, West Yorkshire, England

Our family starts in the late 1700's when William Atkinson is born in Yorkshire England.  Growing up in what is now known as the Yorkshire Dales National Park, William married Sarah Spence in the Parish of Hubberholme, March 13, 1826.  The marriage was performed by Minister Thomas Lindley and witnessed by William Spence and John Tennant.

Graveyard surrounding church Inside the church View from hill behind church

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Marriage Certificate
Yorkshire Dales
In June of 1998, we traveled to Yorkshire England to the area that William and Sarah lived. We saw the dales and moors that have remained relatively unchanged for hundreds of years. This picture is of Halton Gill and is typical of the region. Small villages are situated on the rivers in the dales and trails over the moors to other valleys. The dales and moors are defined by stone walls encouraged in the 1800's to separate farms and sheep.

A trail over Horsehead Pass allowed Reverend Lindley to travel between Halton Gill and Hubberholme. Lindley was the curate of Halton Gill from 1777 for seventy years and took services at Hubberholme from 1802 to 1833.


Halton Gill in the Littondale Valley, West Yorkshire on the River Wharfe

Littondale Valley