Military Service  
Name Rank Fighting Force Conflict
Anderson, Harry E. Private Canadian Amry WWII
Atkinson, Glenn   U.S. Navy  
Atkinson, Harland    U.S. Army WWI
Atkinson, John Stewart Corporal U.S. Army WWII
Atkinson, Leigh Kenneth Private Canadian Army WWII
Atkinson, Maxine Margaret Sergeant Canadian Woman's Army Corps WWII
Atkinson, Norman John   1st Canadian Depot Battalion WWI
Atkinson, Ray Clarke Co. Sergeant Major/WO II Canadian Corps of Military Staff Clerks WWII
Atkinson, Robert Allen Sergeant U.S. Army WWII
Atkinson, Walter Sylvus Corpsman U.S. Navy   1932-36
Atkinson, Welbury E Corporal 186th (Kent) Battalion WWI
Atkinson, William Gordon   1st Canadian Depot Battalion WWI
Atkinson, William John   9th Canadian Mounted Rifle Regiment WWI
French, Frederick Clayton Private 1st Canadian Depot Battalion WWI
French, Frederick Nelson Private  Royal Canadian Ordinance Corps WWII
Garrett, Donald Lawrence   U.S. Army WWII
Grocott, Sydney Walter Company Sergeant Major Canadian Army WWII
McDonald, John Andrew Private Canadian Army WWII
Spedowski, Jordan   U.S. Air Force Vietnam, Desert Storm
Department Of National Defence (ARMY)
PUBLIC RELATIONS - Hdqrs. M.D. 1, London, Ont.

London, Ont., Aug.23--The first military band to play in the historic city of Rome after the liberation was the "Drums" of the famous Royal Canadian Regiment, according to an article in "The Red Patch", the newspaper of the British Eighth Army in Italy.

Composed chiefly of boys from Western Ontario, the band thrilled the citizens of the Eternal City as they paraded throughout the ancient thoroughfares that have resounded to the martial music bands down through the centuries.

The article was sent to Staff Sergeant Clarke Atkinson of Headquarters, Military District No. 1, London, Ont., by his brother-in-law, H.E. Anderson of Chatham , a drummer in this band. It states that the band was reorganized under the direction of Sgt. G.H. Mason of Toronto and Sgt. E.W. Farmer of Woodstock. Although the "Drums" were not on the war establishment of an assault battery in the invasion of Sicily the instruments were brought along anyway.

Under Sgt. T.W. Beales of St. Thomas as the Drum-Major they put on a 45-minute display of stationary playing and countermarching for the hundreds of Italians who surged around them with shouts of "Bravo!" and "Viva Il Canadese!"

Militay Photos
Clarke & Maxine Atkinson Marriage 1944 Earl Atkinson Jr. 1940 WWII William Gordon Atkinson WWI
Leigh, Clarke & Stu Atkinson 1944 WWII Harland Atkinson 1917 WWI Harland Atkinson 1932-36
Robert Atkinson 1946 WWII Harry Anderson WWII Sid Grocott WWII
Frederick Clayton French WWI Frederick Nelson French WWII
Welbury E Atkinson WWI