The Palmer Family Tree

Welcome to one small branch of a much larger family tree.  Much of the history of Palmer families in America has already been researched to great extent. We have included as much ancestral information as possible and would appreciate hearing from anyone who is interested in sharing family history.

Our immediate Palmer line starts in the early 1800's when Jacob Palmer of New York takes up home in Felicity, Ohio. He later makes his way to Noble, Illinois. From there, two of his grandchildren, Jonathan Foster Palmer and Winfield Scott Palmer went on to Kansas, eventually arriving in the Oklahoma Territory during the great Indian land rush of the 1890's.

Our family continues to live in Oklahoma today with many branches of the genealogical tree moving throughout North America.

The following links represent the history that has been accumulated to date.

Contact: Ross Atkinson

Last Updated: 02/27/2003


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News:  Looking to hear from anyone who is connected to our family tree.  Much of the information listed here has come from the great genealogical works of Horace Palmer and from the book "Isaac Kool (Cool or Cole) and Catherine Serven".